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Samuel asked in Consumer ElectronicsCameras · 2 months ago

I need help finding a good wifi security camera for outside that can see license plates well and is 60 fps ?

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    You don't even need 4k, full HD is plenty. What you do need is the camera placed in a location where it can realistically see the plates. Unless you are spending Fortune 500 money on a surveillance system, this means you must have a camera as close to the vehicle path as possible. There isn't a consumer grade system on the market that can read license plates across a parking lot.

    Another thing to consider is that using IR illumination at night will almost always ruin any shot of a license plate. The reflection of the IR off the plate into the camera blinds the camera. So if there is an area where a vehicle will pass AND it has some other illumination (street lamp or the like) turn off the IR on that camera.

    I collect surveillance video from all sorts of places, homes with Harbor Freight systems to full-blown corporate systems. The biggest issue with all of them is where the cameras are placed compared to where they should be. Video of a person walking 100 yards away is useless for any sort of ID purposes. Trying to use an IR camera through a window is a waste of time. Put the camera where the problem will be. Put a second camera further back to watch the first one and record what goes on around it.

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  • qrk
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Why 60 fps? 4k video is what you need and 30 fps will the the top-end norm for 4k. I haven't seen a good security camera except the Sony SNC-VB770 (not Wi-Fi and very pricey) which is amazing. Because you supply the lens, you can get a focal length suitable for your situation. Most security cameras lenses are too wide.

    When searching for a suitable camera, look for 4k, large sensor, and either interchangeable lens or zoom. The $200 to $500 cameras we have all suck because the sensors are too small and we set them with a wide angle view to capture the parking lot. During the day, license plates are readable, but at night there is too much noise.

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