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Huntington's Disease Report?

Huntington's Disease Report

Hi,I'm a college student doing a report for physiology on Huntington's.I don't know where exactly to ask these questions,but any information would be really useful.The first part of my report is on symptoms,causes,physiology,and treatment of Huntington's.For the second part I need to have an "interview" with someone who has Huntington's and ask them questions about how this disease has affected their life.These are my questions:

1) How has Huntington's affected the quality of your life ?

2) Did you know you had a chance of getting Huntington's or was it a complete surprise ? If it was a surprise what symptoms led you to see a doctor?

3) How does living with Huntington's affect the people around you ?

4) What treatment plan have you tried out/followed ?

5) Do people treat you differently because of your condition ?

Disclaimer: This is my first time posting on Reddit, so if this is not the correct way to do it, or if there is somewhere else (like a different thread or something),that would be really helpful.And thank you so much for considering this post!!

1 Answer

  • Janet
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    You certainly are going to strike out asking this question on Y/A. There are no doctors here and no one is going to do your online research.

    Part of getting an education is figuring out for yourself how to research information on the internet.

    I suggest Google Scholar as a search-information for scientific and medical research papers. Medicinenet for general health information. And search term "Huntington's Disease"

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