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Do sexual jokes mean my girlfriend wants to tell me something ?

So i had virus on my computer that showed some swingers etc. And she asked me why did i remove that. She wanted me and her to join them sometimes. Also she was veery excited about the fact i mentioned that. Before she used to tell me she is much more sexually liberal than i am but now when i asked her about it she said it was too much for her. I am confused... Also to mentions, it all happened in one conversation, i found out yesterday that she has those affinities. She said before that she thinks that i will find out some things later on, or i won't...

Please help

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  • 2 months ago
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    Yeah, that happens.  If you're starting to get why so many people think females are crazy, you're on the right track.  They're not crazy because they communicate differently than we do, they're crazy because of something else.

    Like you, I'm a guy.  We don't usually talk unless we have something to say, and we usually just say what we mean (or we lie).  When we say it's cold outside, we mean it's cold outside.  When we say we're cool with something, we really are cool with something.  We don't really do subtle body language, and we don't put 'real' meanings hidden in our words.

    Girls are the opposite.  They say more with what they didn't say, or they change the whole meaning of something by the way they say it.  Or maybe by the way they didn't say it, for all I know.  Then there's the body language thing, which is also a complete friggin' mystery to us.  I was married over ten years before I learned that a girl playing with her hair is even a thing.  And I still don't know what the hell it means, I just know it's a thing.  Now let's get to the part about the crazy...

    Don't ask any female to teach you their secret language, because they won't.  They won't even admit they have a secret language, in fact they'll deny it over and over.  Then, not ten minutes later, they'll get upset because you're not paying attention to what they really mean, and it's all your fault for not understanding.

    Can you think of a better example of crazy than that?  Can anyone, for that matter?

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  • 2 months ago

    She could possibly be interested but is too scared to confess because she could be scared to scare you off or loose you. Best to sit down and ask her to be honestly and open with you about her wants and needs. And for you to stay calm and try your best to understand in order not to make her feel judged and scared to open up about it. You need to decide then if you are willing to try new stuff or not and if your not you guys should discuss whether she is fine with not trying things and if she will still be happy knowing you would not want to try new things. It can get tricky, my bf said he would be open to new things but no I feel like I manipulated him to try new things because he's scared to loose me. Do not let her do that. If you are not confotable with new things and she desperately want to try new things it's wize to reaksie it might not work between you two. Just talk about it honestly and share your feelings bout what she wants to try.

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  • Mike
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    2 months ago

    Do sexual jokes mean my girlfriend wants to tell me something ? Yes, a  sexual joke apparently.

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