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Have I gone crazy or shall I fix this?

I fell in love with this guy whom I met a month ago and things escalated very quickly between us. It scared the hell out of me. I never told him my feelings but he told me he is in love

He has lots of positive qualities and sex is WOW but there are times when I talk to him, he doesnt look into my eyes. I ask him questions, he doesnt answer. I felt like he doesn't want to get to know me?

I dk if this is because we didn't have chance to do much outside together. This corona tied us up. I told him about this conversation issue and he promised me to do better. But 2 days ago, I video called him and he told me to call him once more later. I did. First call, he didn't answer. Second, he did but he hung up on me. Third, I texted him "this is ur last chance to talk :)", he answered but he was like he couldn't care less. I tried to talk to him and no reply. He said he'll call me later he didnt. The next day I didnt reply to his texts and calls (Yes it was stupid of me). And l texted him saying what upset me and I dont want to continue with him (stupid yes). He texted saying he was clear that he wants to be with me and I always bring up breaking up with him so it is my choice. He was so emotionless with his texts I didnt have any other choice but just break up. Now I feel like I rushed. I should have just chilled and enjoy my time with him rather than rushing him to do things. What do u think? Shall I try to apologise for my immaturity or is it not worth it?

2 Answers

  • Native
    Lv 5
    2 months ago

    You cannot undo what you did, and WHY did you sleep with him so soon? You cannot give yourself up to him and then try to teach him you really want to know him - that does not work, ever.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Is he an Atheist?  LOVE comes only from and with GOD!  Because of this Atheists cannot feel anymore then just each of their own LUST for only what each of them wants!  

    Look in jails, it is Atheists that have them filled. 

    Not believers and Lovers of and with GOD!

    Yet neither of you are obeying the Commandment from GOD to never have sex unless married to that person of the opposite sex! Do either of you have respect?

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