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I need to find a dubstep/old EDM song by music video alone!?

I've been searching for hours and the keywords do me no good so I've resorted to this. At this point I think my brother is just gaslighting me because I can't believe he didn't remember this lmao

The music video shows a young kid in a nice outfit playing with building blocks/some kind of non mechanical toys in a pristine living room. I remember white walls and carpet, and windows along one wall There may or may not be a fireplace in the room.

The video starts innocuous enough, but slowly an all white, low poly style 3d bear starts to come out of a TV. The video is mostly shots of the big bear coming out and walking around the house, and the kid being none the wiser. It's very suspenseful and weird. The blend of clearly animated, low poly stuff with the real life gives a cool aesthetic. I'm pretty sure the video implies that the bear is walking around and turning things into low poly animations. I remember a low poly apple in particular. The video could end with the bear standing directly behind the kid, who is oblivious.

This song has to be 2008-2013 era dubstep, with a crazy drop that is typical of the era. Definitely something I wouldn't listen to now lol. 

I hope this works!! 

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