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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsGeography · 2 months ago

Which country is more powerful overall: the Bahamas or South Africa?

1 Answer

  • Andrew
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    South Africa has a population of nearly 60 million while The Bahamas has fewer than 400,000 people. 

    South Africa has a GDP of around 350 billion in US dollars while The Bahamas has a GDP of around 12 billion. 

    South Africa's military budget is over 3 billion US dollars per year... South Africa's military is ranked as the 29th most powerful in the world... South Africa maintains over 66,000 active military personnel and over 15,000 reservists. 

    The Bahamas spends about 67 million per year on defence - all naval, as there is no standing army and the country does not possess an air force. There are less than 85,000 people in The Bahamas who could be mobilised to fight if needed. 

    So, South Africa has a population that's more than 150 times larger than that of The Bahamas... An economy that's approximately 30 times larger than that of The Bahamas and a military that's larger, better trained, and better equipped. 

    But, The Bahamas is located just a little over 300 miles from The United States. The Bahamas is also a member state of the British Commonwealth and The United Kingdom is responsible for the defence of the islands. 

    From a military standpoint, it would make little sense for ANYBODY, no matter how powerful that country might be, to attempt to kick off with The Bahamas because that would undoubtedly draw The United States and The United Kingdom into the fight, and nobody would want to go up against the US and the UK simultaneously. 

    South Africa is not considered to be a world power, but they are a regional power, and the country maintains the 4th largest military in Africa. 

    In terms of political power, South Africa is stronger, and although both states are members of the Commonwealth of nations, without British backing (and the threat of US intervention on The Bahamas' behalf), The Bahamas doesn't wield any political clout on the world stage. 

    In terms of military power, South Africa positively buries The Bahamas, but the likelihood of the two ever entering into a military confrontation is too remote to even begin to imagine, and the UK would not stand for two Commonwealth countries fighting one another, nor would the US allow anybody to attack a practically defenseless nation 300 miles off its shores. 

    In terms of economic power, South Africa is far stronger, but American tourism is a major contributor to the Bahamian economy and the UK also contributes. 

    In terms of cultural influence, South Africa looms much larger - in world sport, in terms of art and literature, and in many other ways. Bahamians generally enjoy a better standard of living than many other Caribbean people do, but they're certainly not heavy hitters culturally by any means. 

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