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Anonymous asked in HealthWomen's Health · 2 months ago

What's your opinion on this period?

I have had the nxplonon for 2 years. My periods for the past year have been regular. I know birth control can make them crazy, but I want yalls opinion. My last regular period was February 13th-18th. In March (cant remember exact date but a bit later when I was expecting my period to come because I was nervous it hadn't come) I bled for barely 2 days and it was light and dark brown. And nothing since. For the past few days I've felt mildly nauseous and had heart burn. My boobs hurt and I'm always tired. These also happen to me when im about to start my period. So im very conflicted. I'm under 14 day quarantine at home because I came into contact with someone who had covid 19. So I cant go to the store for a pregnancy test just yet. So I was curious what yall thought. 

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