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Blood in Vaginal Discharge? Please Help!?

So this is embarrassing for me to talk about, but I am kinda spooked so here we go. In about late December to early January I had been having a problem of blood in my vaginal discharge. Now I am fairly used to the discharge as I have always had a problem with it, but it never had blood in it before. It varied from just some tiny pink spots to several long streaks of red blood... I had assumed it was a vaginal infection but there was not other sign like discomfort or itching, my friend thought it could be a bladder infection so she suggested cranberry juice which I got and drank a ridiculous amount of, sure enough the problem went away.

Until a few days ago where there were a few streaks of light red/brown in the discharge again. I hadn't been drinking a lot of cranberry juice so I just thought I hadn't gotten rid of it all so I started drinking the cranberry juice again. Until tonight where I had another bit of blood.

Since the virus has closed down most things near me I cannot make a gyno appointment for some time... and just with everything I am more worried now and would hope someone out there might have a suggestion of what the problem might be and how to deal with it.

Full symptoms are really just the blood in the discharge which is usually white or yellow. I'm in my late 20's, not sexually active and I have no other pains beyond what feels occasionally like mild cramps. Though my period has been at a whack, but I assumed it was from a new job and a move... Any ideas?

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