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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 2 months ago

Boyfriend told ex fling he hated me ?

My boyfriend of 4 years is also the father of my two children .

We took a break because we both had trust issues while i was pregnant with the most recent child. He did admit he had a fling with a woman for four months while i was pregnant, but i couldn’t be too mad because we were I’m not together. But since we’ve been back together I’ve caught him checking up on this girl every day. He texts her and asks her about her day like clock work every day.He called her gorgeous through some text messages. I also saw him asking to come see her and asking could they FaceTime. He told her he loved her too. I saw one text where he told her he hated me and hoped he didn’t see me while they went outBut this is a 4 month fling he claimedTL:DR; caught text from boyfriend being close with fling he had while we was on break

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