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Is my relationship with ex girlfriend worth saving ?

My ex and I known each other for ten years, we been in a relationship for about four years. She leaves me for another guy I ask her does she love him, she won't respond to my text all she does is brag about his money. The same thing I've been doing looking out for her, I've been in her son's life since he's been one and sees me as father. She ignores me for days and only responds when I insult her, she tells to leave her alone but when I ask why she won't tell me. We were a family and she's willing to throw everything away. I sent her son gifts asked her can I see him and she won't respond or say thank you. I want to move on but I've put so much into this relationship not give up on it. She doesn't appreciate meI held a grudge against her for what she's done to me in the past. I should have forgiven her and treated her better.I texted her aplogizing for how i treated her she didn't respond. Either she doesn't care or belive me

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Maybe stay in the boy's life and remove yourself from hers. If you just disappear from his life it will have a huge emotional impact on him. I'd discuss this with her. She doesn't sound interested in you for whatever reasons, and i'm sure it's not your fault alone! But if she cares one bit about her child and if you do too, then you are both going to agree that you need to remain a presence in his life.

    Most of us are screwed up enough because of our parents, no matter how good us parents try to be. Just disappearing would be devastating to that child (or any child).

    Do the right thing when it comes to that kid. She needs to do the right thing, too.

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