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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceHigher Education (University +) · 2 months ago

College Transfer Applications ?

I applied and got into a certain university Early Decision back in early December, and for the past couple months I've realized that the school may not be the best fit for me. As I'm planning on transfer applications for this fall, I had some questions.

1. Are SAT's required for transfer applications? My scores weren't too good, but I go to a high-ranking high school and have had straight A's for the past three years...

2. Do acceptance rates go up or down with transfers? Does it depend on the school?

3. Any advice on what I should keep in mind as I re-enter the application process?

4. What differences should I expect in a college transfer application when comparing it with a first year one?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Slow down.  You haven't even graduated from high school yet and you're already planning to transfer away from a university you haven't attended.

    Each university has its own requirements for transfer students.  If you transfer after a semester, it is very likely the university will want your high school and college transcripts as well as your SAT score.  If you transfer after two years, it is rarely requested.

    Look at the freshman retention percentage.  That tells you how competitive a transfer will be.  If a university has a 90% retention rate, that means that there aren't very many openings for transfer students.  If it has a 60% retention rate, the school will probably accept just about anyone as a transfer student. 

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