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Why am I still dizzy?

Yesterday before i went to go to sleep i was very dizzy for no reason at all that i can think of unless it was me watching some videos in the dark cause i think i got very motion sickness while my head felt like if it was spinning 、 i hope its not any of the medicine im taking because now today im still dizzy after sleep and i get kinda scared easy so this is kinda making me worried like why am i still dizzy for? should of it went away after sleep? hope i be okay any advice what i can do to get rid of the dizzy i would like.  I tried drinking a lot of water no effect、i tried eating but no effect i tried wetting a washcloth and rubbing my head and face but nothing helped i tried laying down more but still nothing helping 


Oh I do have a ear infection so im taking medicine for it incase maybe the ear infection can do it?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It sounds a lot like an ear infection, particularly the fact that it persists even when you're lying down.if the dizziness is like the room is spinning/tilting its almost certainly caused by am ear infection. If the dizziness is like lightheadedness, like you're about to faint then it might be a different problem 

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