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Are people with sun sextile jupiter more spiritual or religious? ?

Im wondering if anyone with this aspect has either spiritual or religious beliefs? Im Cap sun sextile Jupiter in Pisces. Also what does Venus semi-sextile Pluto work?

3 Answers

  • lala
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    People with moon conjunct Neptune are more spiritual 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    According to the previous answer, all of astrology before Pluto incorporation is wrong.

    Only the planets visible to the naked eye was used in astrology until the outer planets were discovered. When was Neptune assigned the spiritual tag?

    Janet is never committing with her answers. She also uses a lot of weasel words. Theories are testable. Astrology has no theory of any kind. 

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  • Janet
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    First, the theory, then the specifics to your quesstion.

    Jupiter is about our need to expand our life beyond our own little circle. Society, networking, being tolerant and accepting or others, being receptive to opportunity, and the optimism to believe that pursuing opportunity might work out.

    Jupiter describes how we relate to society, and therefore to all of society’s institutions: religion, law, higher education. And the overall life-philosophies we develop from our interactions with our society and also any interaction with OTHER societies (this is why long-distance travel is associated with Jupiter too).

    But understand the Jupiter can be very conforming, because there is this need to fit into the society we are in. How well the person does this depends on how Jupiter aspects the other planets in their chart.

    As for the religious side of Jupiter, religion is belief/membership and spirituality is how we live our life. One can be religious without being spiritual and one can be spiritual without being religious.

    Spirituality is more the domain of Neptune … our need to transform ourselves by tuning into anything that is NOT part of our conscious awareness. This may be just our own subconscious influencing us strongly, but it can be yearnings for finding spiritual unity or developing compassion for others. At the very least, the person with a strong Neptune finds if difficult to block out the “vibes” of whatever is going on around them. Whether their receptivity and subconscious activity produces increased spirituality, or produces escapism and self-deception depends mostly on how Neptune aspects other planets in their chart.

    The 12th House, since it is “ruled” by Neptune, also has to do with subconscious or religions matters

    Sun is our need to like ourselves, to find our inner wholeness. So if our Sun trines Jupiter, our need to find inner wholeness is enhanced by Jupiter optimism and networking. And as we gain more self-esteem and inner wholeness, this improves our ability TO be optimistic and to network well with others.

    A square between Sun and Jupiter would mean that both needs interfere with each other and the endeavors for each planet/need don’t work out well (UNTIL we learn to master it).

    Sun trine Jupiter doesn’t have anything to do with spirituality, but it may (or may not) increase the person’s preference for “reaching out to society” by joining a religion.

    Every item in astrology has many possible ways of expressing itself, and no astrology can predict which way those items influence a given individual. That is why all true astrological “readings” are actually consultations between the astrologer and the client. The astrologer knows the theory, but the client know how THEY are reacting to those astrological influences. Together, they arrive at an understanding on how THIS person responds to the influences in their unique birth chart.

    I hope this answer has been useful to you.

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