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why does it anger me to think people get off on my struggles behind closed doors?

i wish i never had these perverse thoughts, but im a man in my forties who has had a difficult life and still do struggle now in the present time because i have severe mental problems and live alone with no relationships or support network except my elderly parents who live far..

and whenever i struggle in the present i imagine couples, men and women- who see me in public are sexually getting off on it when they go behind closed doors?....i imagine they have perverse lustful sex over my struggles, with giggles and laughter.

and when i have that thought i feel enraged towards these people i see and have thoughts like wanting to beat their brains think that women and men could be getting off on watching me struggle in someway, enrages me like nothing else...

how can i think differently and change my thoughts? so i don't feel so violently angry?

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  • 2 months ago
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    First of all, people, don't think those thoughts about you.  The devil is putting those thoughts in your mind.  You need to ask Jesus Christ into your life as Lord and Savior.  He loves  you.  He is a faithful friend.  He changed my life and He can change yours.  Pray about everything that concerns you.  Read the New Testament.  Start with the Gospel of John; then Romans.  When you have bad thoughts like that, tell Satan to leave in the name of Jesus Christ.  Sing songs of praise to Jesus.  Find some good on-line preaching to listen to.  Some of the Baptist churches are good.  I will pray for you, dear one.  

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Seek medical help so that you’ll get some medication for your autism. 

    How many times are you going to ask this question. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Hold your breath for 20 minutes.

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