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subwoofer barely moving but lots of bass very loud two 12's 250W RMS 4ohms SVC each?

they are getting at least 22v rms each which should equal over 100 watts and they barely moving. cant crank amp any further or theres distortion

they only start moving at 20hz and below

but nothing around 25 to 40hz barely at all

box is a dual separate chamber 1.8 cubic feet per sub 34hz tuning.

amp is 500W RMS rating but using computer power supply of 650W I set watts to sub with RMS multimeter and test tone to 22 volts rms for a bit of headroom for clean power they get very loud but barely move unless I stuff the ports with a blanket or something. then they move like crazy shouldn't they be moving MORE without the port blocked?


How do I get them to flex at all frequencies without stuffing the ports with blankets?

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    The amount of cone excursion is proportional to the frequency being played. If the speaker is loud, it doesn't have to jump all over the place. If you want lots of movement, go watch a hoochy coochy dancer. You will not improve performance stuffing the ports with anything. That will degrade performance if anything. If you want to experiment, adjust the low-pass and high-pass filters if your amp has them. That will show you what each adjustment does to the sound.

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  • 2 months ago

    What cross over network is it?

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