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Two coils are connected in series. With 2 A d.c. through the circuit, the p.ds. across the coils are 20 and 30 V respectively. ?

With 2 A a.c. at 40 Hz, the p.ds. across the coils are 140 and 100 V respectively. If the two coils in series are connected to a 230-V, 50-Hz supply, calculate (a) the current (b) the power (c) the power factor

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    If they are in series with 2A dc and the voltage drops are 20 and 30Vdc then the coil resistances are, E=I*R.

    20v=10Ω , 30v=15Ω.

    What does "p.ds" across the coil mean"?

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