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Anonymous asked in HealthMental Health · 2 months ago

How do I get over the loneliness and sadness of not having anything to celebrate this summer due to the Coronavirus lockdowns?

Summer is more joyful to me then even Christmas. Everything is on lockdown now and I am told it will likely be this way until August at the earliest and most likely through end of the year. No family reunion this year and no travel this year. Those are the 2 things I find joy in. I would have traveled last year but by father who habitually lies asked me to go to this destination with him in the winter to go skiing. I put my stock in that and then he, without acknowledging the disappointment he had caused, backed out as though he had never promised. So now I have to wait another year for the travel (not putting my stock in anything my dishonest Dad says this year).

Plus on top of that there is no local travel because of the Pandemic we can't go in hotels. Doing a ZOOM get together makes me nervous for some reason so I am really only communicating by email. Sounds like it will be like this till fall. Plus my parents send frantic texts telling me not to leave home. They are divorced long ago but in this area they seem to have the same opinion.

All this is scary and sad. How do I get over the sadness about this?


Both parents text "Do not go to the grocery store, it is dangerous" but how do they expect me to get food? Idiots. 

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  • 2 months ago
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    Oh please I've been full of Loneliness and Sadness for years. And here you are just because of Summer.

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  • 2 months ago

    I couldn't read this crap. WAAA WAAA WAAA...woe is me NONSENSE.

    I have two words of advice: GROW UP.

    You are NOT DYING. Anything else is "FLUFF"!

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