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Spyro asked in SportsWrestling · 2 months ago

Were these wrestlers better in WCW or WWE?

Billy Kidman

Booker T

Kevin Nash/Diesel

Scott Hall/Razor Ramon

Chris Benoit

Rey Mysterio

Hulk Hogan

Shane Helms


Eddie Guerrero

Chris Jericho

Curt Hennig

Brian Pillman

Big Show/Giant

Madusa/Alundra Blayze

BQ: Was Sean Waltman better as 123 Kidd, Syxx, or X-Pac?

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  • Candle
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    2 months ago
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    I'd argue, as an in-ring performer, Kidman was better in WWE. He had matured a lot as a performer by the time he had gotten there.  He definitely got more of a push in WCW (being leaderof the New Blood, getting a 'clean' win over Hogan, etc.), but as a wrestler he was better in WWE.

    I think Book was best in TNA to be honest, but of the two, he had better people to work with in WWE.  Again, like Kidman, he was a bigger main event player in WCW most of the time toward the end, and the company also holds some of Harlem Heat's best matches as a tandem, but as an in-ring singles I'd wager Book had better matches in WWE than WCW.

    The only Nash match that anyone ever talks about positively was against Bret in WWF, so for lack of any other portfolio of work worth praising, WWF by default.

    I'd say Hall did better in WCW as a wrestler.  His Razor stuff was great with Waltman and against Shawn, but he was still pretty sloppy and inexperienced at the time.  I'd say he matured more as a competitor in WCW.Benoit's a tough one too.  I liked a lot of his work on top in WCW.  Prior to his big push in WWE, his most notable match was against Bret during the Owen tribute show.  He also had great stuff with Eddy, Malenko,  and Jericho, and an underrated in-ring rivalry with Jarrett.  On the flip side, you have one of the best triple threat ever at Wrestlemania against HBK and HHH, followed by an equal or (in my opinion) better rematch at the following Backlash.  More stuff with Eddie, more stuff with Jericho, and epic bouts against Kurt Angle.  I know on paper it looks like the clear winner is WWE, but I'm hesitant to say so.  I can't argue with the evidence though.

    While I think Rey's work was cleaner and way more fleshed out in the WWE, you really can't discount that Halloween Havoc match with Eddy, battles with Juvi, Psicosis, and Ultimo, and his win over Nash that was equal to or better than his run on top in WWE (that's a compliment to neither run to be honest.)  On the flip side right now I hear he's killing it every week against Angel Garza and Andrade.  I'll be sentimental and say WCW, because ultimately that will be where his legacy truly lies.

    Hulk Hogan did better work in WWF.  Booking and creative control is definitely a factor, but he also had capable big man midcarders, plus Andre, posting him up in the ring.  With that being said, Hogan vs Goldberg on Nitro remains one of my favorite matches of his.  Creative control killed pretty much every other in-ring encounter he had in WCW though.I often wonder where "Sugar" Shane Helms would've landed on the card if WCW had stayed in business.  His singles push seemed destined for midcard greatness in a company that usually valued it's midcard.  Despite beating The Rock 'clean' after a hilarious feud and a great match, I'm inclined to say WCW.  If there's a bias on my part, it's that there were no Vertebreakers in WWE.Psicosis did equally well in the ring at both places, but wasn't a rashin' frashin' stereotype in WCW, so I'll say WCW.Eddie did better in the WWE.  It's inarguable.  He had great matches in both places, but outside of that Halloween Havoc match with Rey, it's all overshadowed by bouts with Brock and Angle.I'd argue as a competitor Jericho was better in-ring in WCW.  He's been very open in his books about having to change his style to form fit to WWE's idea of a main event wrestler and I always thought it hurt him a little.  Multi-man gimmick bouts aside, there aren't many WWE Jericho matches I look back on.  His career was definitely better, but I think the ring work was better in WCW and elsewhere.Hennig is WWF by a mile.  I don't even remember any bouts he had in WCW due to how few, overbooked, and/or underwhelming they were.Pillman's WCW.  WWF didn't have him long, and for a duration of his run he was a broken shell of his former self as an in-ring performer.  Hell of a talker, but Flyin' Brian was where it was at in-ring.

    I think WWE.  While booking was often better for him in WCW (excusing Dungeon of Doom), as a wrestler some of his best bouts have been in the 'E

    Alundra's best bouts were in WWF.  She had no one to wrestle in WCW.BQ: I'll always have a soft spot for 123 Kid.

    • Spyro2 months agoReport

      Thank you, Candle. Amazing answer from an amazing user.

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  • 2 months ago

    Billy Kidman-WCW 

    Booker T-WCW 

    Kevin Nash/Diesel-WWE 

    Scott Hall/Razor Ramon-WWE 

    Chris Benoit-WWE 

    Rey Mysterio-WWE 

    Hulk Hogan-WWE 

    Shane Helms-WCW 


    Eddie Guerrero-WWE 

    Chris Jericho-WWE 

    Curt Hennig-WWE 

    Brian Pillman-WWE 

    Big Show/Giant-WCW 

    Madusa/Alundra Blayze-WWE 


    BQ: 1-2-3 Kidd 

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