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Do I have to be suspicious with my husband?

Hi I never interfere with my husbands call.But only that time when this woman called.They talk the same language.I was there beside him.On the middle on there conversation suddenly I heard my name.And my husband said , “ she is right here listening our conversation”.I was looking at him.So weird the woman didn’t even say hi to me.So I asked him.Why did you tell that.Its like he giving her a hint that I was there.We have an argument about it.This woman is married too.They talked like every 2 weeks for 15 minutes.After that argument he change his cellphone password..

4 Answers

  • Happy
    Lv 5
    2 months ago

    Yes, of course. Horrible he’s doing it right in front of you.

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  • 2 months ago

    Changing his cell phone password? Why? Yes, it does indeed sound suspicious to me.

    • David
      Lv 6
      2 months agoReport

      Dr. would only sound suspicious to someone who has never been married to a woman.  Women like to browse through phones looking for ammunition.  And they WILL find something, even when there's NOTHING to find.  Only a very stupid husband lets his wife explore his phone.

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  • David
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    Y'know what really pisses me off?  It's when a guy is in court, charged with a serious crime.  Say murder or rape.  And he claims he's INNOCENT, and never changes his story.  So he's convicted.  In spite of that, he still claims the prosecution got it wrong, and that he did nothing illegal.  So then the judge is ready to sentence him...

    And the judge DOUBLES the guy's sentence because he "shows no remorse".  Very often, in these evidence pops up years later to prove the guy was indeed INNOCENT.  But he got f*cked at sentencing because...HE WAS STILL TELLING THE TRUTH.  How can you show remorse over something that you did not do?????

    So if you are tried for a serious crime that you did not do, your options are...

    LIE, and plead guilty, and FAKE remorse, and get a light sentence   OR

    Tell the TRUTH, plead NOT guilty, never show remorse and get a very harsh sentence that you do not deserve.  WTF???

    Why am I telling you this story?  Because as a wife, you are being unfair to your husband in the EXACT same way that the judge will throw the book at the innocent man who shows no remorse.

    First of all, even if your husband speaks a different language than you do (if he does)...He is NOT going to speak to another woman in front of you, unless he has nothing to hide.  No, not ever.  And why would the woman say hi to you?  Is she a friend of yours?  To me, it would be weird if she suddenly interrupted a conversation with your husband to say,  "Oh say hello to your wife for me"....

    (no, that would be bizarre)

    And after he hangs up, you two have an argument about WHAT, exactly?  Again, he's not going to cheat on you in front of you.  If he was that desperate to get rid of you, he would ask for a divorce first and THEN proceed to cheat on you in front of you.

    Why does it matter if the woman is married?  Oh, and talking every 2 weeks for 15 minutes would definitely indicate that he's not cheating on you.  If he had romantic interest in her, the conversations would be hours long, and more than once a week.

    So you have nothing to be worried about.  However, you are determined to be upset about SOMETHING.  For that reason, he had to change his password on his phone.  Just like the innocent man who has to show FAKE remorse, or face a harsher sentence.  DO YOU GET IT NOW?  

    Look, I know what I'm talking about as I faced this EXACT issue with my 2nd wife.  She's no longer my wife, by the way.  Along with the fact that she was cheating on me, what drove me to file for divorce was her CONSTANT suspicion of me.  (how ironic is that?)  I never cheated on her.  Not even once.  But I dared to talk to a female friend about once every six months.  For that reason, my wife insisted on passwords to everything...e-mail, phone, etc.  I had nothing to hide, but it did not matter.  She'd look through my stuff and ask me thousands of stupid questions, because she was reading something into everything, and there was nothing to be found!!!!

    Basically, you are creating a lot of drama in your own head.  It's causing you unnecessary stress, and it's not fair to your husband.  You can drop the matter quick.  Or you can keep trying to snoop through his e-mail and phone, and keep asking him questions about the girl he's talking to....

    And you can be his ex wife soon enough....

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I sure would be. 

    Pray to GOD about this!

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