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Maybe dating a Yandere. Think I need help getting out. Yahoo wont let me explain full story or quotes because word limit Help.?

So I started dating this girl around 2 months ago. She lives in the same town as me. I am 26m she is 25f. I am writing this because I am now getting a little concerned. I'll start from the beginning, I'll give some of her basic behaviors. They way I decided to talk to her was because she started hearting some of my post on facebook so I decided to msg her and asked to hangout. I've forgot to mention I've known her for some time. The msg started and eventually She said she had a crush on me since highschool so I said we should hang out. Fast foward we started dating. As soon as I asked her out she instantly went on my fb and scrolled down to years ago heart reacting everything. I instantly thought it was strange. Fast foward a little more and we are at a party and I am talking to this girl I have no idea who she was and was just making conversation because I knew no one there besides my gf. My girlfriend walked by and saw me and the look in her eyes was not normal wide eyed is what I call it now anyway she ignores until the end of the night I am drunk she isnt. She followed the girl outside I was talking to and they got into a serious fight alot of blood,  cops called, I grabbed her and left before they got there and asked wtf she did that for and she said "Because I love you I dont want anything to disrupt that" now just some quotes she said to me (I cant live without you) (I'll kill myself if we break up) (if I can't have you no one can) (I'll kill for you) (I'll die for you

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  • 2 months ago

    Holy for the hills. Seriously.

    • Daniel Brown2 months agoReport

      I just need a way to break it off with her if I couldve explained the whole story it is Alot more serious then what's above. Breaking it off might involve the death of me or her. It's freaky for sure. She was abused by her parents that's why I think she needed someone to attach to..

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