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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 2 months ago

Pls  help!Does it  seem this guy is telling me the truth doesn’t want a threesome ? Or is he just saying it because he know I’m a against it?

Talk to this guy4 months, besides texting morning til night we talk on the phone. We are meeting in June, his family/two friends know about me, he wants marriage & kids. He’s 25 I’m so turning 21, I do want the same thing but I’m scared because I’m worry he doesn’t mean what he says. The very beginning before knowing each other he said he was looking for anything especially fun, we started knowing each other I caught him in the lie & didn’t talk to him for a month, started talking to him again & he became more honest but looked to sext after a few time of him trying I really told him how I didn’t want that and all and he stop, but during that time he said he is into bondage he’s open minded would be open to anything his partner wanted to try I ask what was his limits only thing was for nothing to go in his butt, then he ask what are my I said to him since he seems so open I’m guessing he would be open to a threesome. He said he forgot about that, wanted one but doesn’t anymore seems weird wants to one to touch his woman. Now months later I found out he wanted a threesome since high school & now he says he thinks its weird & doesn’t want one anymore. He said how can I prove it to you I don’t want one. He said he changed his mind right before Christmas & that’s when we started talking again be he said it wasn’t for me just thinks it’s weird now. Sometimes I think he would make like he didn’t want one but did because then he would ask me if I would want one. Maybe I’m paranoid 

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    There is a Mormon religion; where many of them marry over and over and do not divorce in-between. Is he like them?

    Or could it be he is just a Devil follower? 

    The Bible would Never approve of this!  

    LOVE, In-LOVE, would Not be able to felt by all in a marriage with more than only one man and only a woman! 

    Pray to GOD about this. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Not paranoid - very foolish. You don't know this person with whom you've been 'talking' for 4 months. 16 weeks won't be time enough to know anything about another person especially as you haven't even met each other. You are talking about sex. Sexting. Threesomes and bondage and having huffy patches when he's lying to you? What?? Get a grip. This is NOT real life. Are you already planning marriage to this stranger?

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