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Does China suck?

Elephants are going extinct because chinese people need ivory for some stupid reason. Now we have corona wiping everyone out because Chinese people need to eat exotic meat because they’re too “classy” to eat a damn hamburger.



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  • 2 months ago
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    Yes. Three reasons why China Sucks - 

    1) Communism - China is a highly communist state where people have no voice and are fully controlled by the government. Their policies are BS.  

    2) Ugly women - Chinese women are dark and have slanted eyes. They are too masculine and have a manly body build. They are yuuck!!


    3) Eating weird things - Chinese people eat dogs, cats, snakes, bats and live animals. Seems like they literally have no feelings for animals. Due to this reason, coronavirus took birth.

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  • the worst day of your life so far.  oooohhh. lol

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I really really wish China wasn't so nationalistic, so authoritarian.  This coronavirus outbreak is creating so much anger towards asians by non asians, asians are very vulnerable now to these racist, very very xenophobic attacks, it's disgusting and scary.

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