How can I get better connection for the Xbox one?

So my wireless WiFi is hooked up to the down stairs of my house and my Xbox is in my room upstairs. I know you are going to say move the router but the router needs to stay down stairs because there's a certain outlet it needs and we only have that one. I remember for the Xbox 360 I had a network wireless adapter that seemed to work back in the day. Is there anything I could do to strengthen it? Also I purchased a range extender and it honestly made it worse.

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  • 3 months ago

    The best thing would be to run an Ethernet cable from the router to your Xbox. If you cannot/will not do this, then consider buying a set of network powerline adapters. They work over your home's electrical wiring.

    Extenders, as you have discovered, are usually terrible since they cut your speed in half. There are mesh networks that work better than extenders, but they are quite pricey depending on brand and model. I strongly recommend against using Wi-Fi if you want to game online. Wi-Fi is convenient, but its very nature makes it prone to interference which can cause serious problems online.

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