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Room design ideas?

So I’m moving soon The house is yet to be renovated so this is not how it will look. How should I design my room layout? I have a queen size bed and no idea where to put it. I also have no idea what to do in the little space where the window is. Any advice on color, decorations, furnitures and etc placement. I am 19 F as reference so I don’t get anything more towards toddlers or elderly folk 😂

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  • T-half
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    2 months ago
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    I like the color. Place your bed to the right (from where you are standing when you took the photo), facing the window.

    on the right side of the bed (the corner we cannot see), place a chair or valet that you can use to put on shoes or lay out your clothes for the next day.Put a highboy dresser on the wall directly in front of where you took the photo. In the nook, place a cosy chair sideways, so you could look at the window, get some sunlight, or listen to music.A padded bench, or chest would work also.

    Next to your door place a full length mirror.  Always good to see what you look like before you leave the house. I placed a link for a jewelry cabinet with mirror.  (one can dream)

    Also on that wall, to the right of the door, place a desk or table.

    Above the desk make a photo wall.  If you don't want to use nails, 3M Command Strips are about $8 a pack. Easy to use.

    A couple rugs next to your bed would be nice.

    Do you have a headboard for your bed?  You could use a vinyl fake "window" sticker or another large vinyl sticker to give height to that side of the room.

    If there's room, then a side table with a lamp next to your bed. 

    • LetsGetIt!2 months agoReport

      This great advice, I think I might look into doing it like you descried thank you!

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  • 2 months ago

    Well, I have the best answer for you. I'm an Architect I can design for you.

    you can measure your room inner space.. for instance, if it is 14x20 you can place your bed behind the entrance door and on windows, I would suggest you beautiful curtains...and in the corner, a computer desk..frames with your photos on wall...wall color should be light pink

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