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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 6 days ago

Should I get back with him?

I broke up with a guy I went out with for 3mths in our relationship he would show me selfies of him & pretty girls when he was with me.

He 22 & lives at home. He blows all his money drinking with mates every Saturday night & used to do cocaine or LSD every 2nd weeknd. He said I was more important so he stopped using, but still goes drinking every Sat night.

He used to text his girl mates when we were together, but would get jealous if I went out with guys. I started to feel not good enough & unhappy.

2wks before our breakup I got drink & texted him nasty things like how I didn’t love him, that he was a creep & a piece of **** & that I was done.

We saw each other at work, I apologized & he said I had emotional issues, that he was 100% the perfect Boyf to me & broke up with me.

We agreed to stop texting so I blocked him for 1wk. During which I received a phone call from his mate. I heard guys yelling to “take it off” & girls yelling “wooo” it sounded rude.

That hurt me, I know I hurt him but he hurt me too during our relationship & he’s never apologized, he said he didn’t remember being on his phone around me.

He asked me if I got with a male friend who I hung out with & he acted hurt & extremely jealous when I didn’t answer.

He keeps coming up to me at work trying to talk to me a lot, he came in to work on his day off to say hi & tell me he was going to the pub with a female friend.

He said he’s happy we broke up. I wish we could work it out

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  • ?
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    6 days ago
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    Why? The whole relationship sounds like a tire fire. Why would you want to throw ypurself back into that again? He'd be happier with someone who shares his interest in partying, amd you'd be happier with someone who puts your needs first. Why tie the two if you ifo a relationship that makes you both unhappy?

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  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    6 days ago

    i probably wouldnt get back with him especially if hes already going out with another girl

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  • 6 days ago

    sounds like a

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  • Dv8s
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    6 days ago

    He's a game player and your intuition is spot on. He's only happy if he can halfass string you along. Nonetheless you sound like a game player too, so you two make a perfect couple. The feelings you got of not being good enough and unhappiness will never change between you and he. You will always hurt each other, leave him to his own destruction, and you to yours. Intuition doesn't lie.

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