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Dennis asked in Consumer ElectronicsTVs · 2 months ago

DirecTV RC64 TV Power On/Off Issues in combo with Receiver.?

I have an RC64 remote working with a DirecTV HD DVR receiver. I have found a TV code for the Haier LCD that operates On/Off, Volume, Menu, etc.


However, when I first slide the device selector on the RC64 to the TV position, the first time I push the "Pwr" button, I see a light flash on the receiver even though the only light that flashes on the RC64 is the TV indicator. Furthermore the On/Off status of the TV changes. However, if I leave the selector switch in the TV position, all subsequent push of the "Pwr" button toggles the TV power on and off.

Update 2:

Also, while in the DirecTV device mode, if I select the combination on/off buttons that should turn both the receiver and TV on/off in concert, ONLY the receiver turns on and off even though I see the DirecTV receiver indicator on the remote flash when the signal is being sent to the receiver to turn off shorlty followed by the TV indicator which should be when the signal is being sent to the TV to power on/off.

Update 3:

I see similar behavior with the other two RC64 remotes with that same HD DVR receiver and the same Haier LCD television. However, with it the combination on/off controls do still manage to power only the receiver off. If, however, with both devices powered on, if I move the selector switch to TV, the first time I press the "Pwr" button, the TV powers on/off fine.

Update 4:

I have tried resetting the remote with the new receiver and reprogramming the TV a couple of times and the behavior stays the same. Any assistance (like a SPECIAL CODE) is greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,


1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    There are NO "special" codes for remotes.  


    Everything a remote can control is (or should be) listed in its manual.  


    It is Always best to use the Original remote to control any piece of equipment. 

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