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Canadians, is the Arctic ice have spots of melt water?

Nunavut, Canada during the summer still has some snow near like Alert in the mountains, but the Arctic ice has more melt water areas due to global warming. How do we get society to right away switch to renewable energy, and electric vehicles?

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    You ain't going to get society to switch right away.  Not even the loony left thinks it's possible.

    In the real world, people would love to switch to clean energy today.  But until clean energy provides the same bang for the buck as fossil fuel, it's not going to happen.  Stuff costs money, and the people who make the money (John and Jane Q Consumer) are not going to spend it on something twice as expensive for half the performance.  That's just how the real world works.

    Since you know the facts on the topic, perhaps you can answer two honest questions...

    1) If this is such a pressing international emergency, why do two entire continents (the majority of people on the globe) get a complete free pass when having to deal with it?

    2) Why is solar activity (the largest factor by far in the global temperature equation) continuously, possibly even wilfully, ignored by the scientists advocating the end of fossil fuels?

    There are answers to those questions.  You already know what the answer is, don't you?  That's right:  Because they don't fit the narrative.

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    I've been to Alert 5 times for a total of two years living there.  Snow regularly melts in July.  But, yes; ice inthe far north is melting more, and not returning as much as it did in years gone by. 

    Climate Change is well known, but people simply ignore it, or, refuse to believe it.  Those of us in Northern Canada (I live in the Yukon now) can see it happening all around us, but people in the South, particularly in the 48 US States can't really see it as much, so, they don't believe it is happening.  You can just read the Global Warming forum on Y!A to see that!

    How to get the deniers to see that it is happening?  I am really not sure.

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