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Is this why JFK was killed?


Roswell incident 1947 Grey aliens from a planet that orbits the  Zeta Reticuli star system crashed their spacecraft in July 1947 outside Roswell New Mexico.

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    Not entirely JFK  was in his first term alof Congress in ths House in August 1947. If he was on the intelligence committee, he would probably have some knowledge of what really happened in New Mexi CV o. There was more tha. OnecUFO crash in New Mexico. There were at lest 2, maybe 3. In addition, he may have been in D.C. or have witnessed those UFOS that flew over Washington D.C. in July 2948 before the political party conventions in August. 

    Those UFOs have NEVER been explained. Yes, there IS television footage and they were on radars.  Congress and Eisenhower certainly knew what REALLY happened. That would have included Nixon and LBJ. Eisenhower since he joined the army when he was 16, very likely had never voted. 21 was voting age in the 1940s. Eisenhower had to have political parties explained to him. That he became a Reoblican may have been decided by coin toss..WHY were Congress and Eisenhower turning a congressional advisory committee into  a CIVILIAN federal agency, NASA..Congress, including JFK, knew something that STILL has not been revealed to the general public more than 70/years later. What did Jimmy Carter, who reported a UFO, learn during the transition period before he was inaugurated, go totally silent about UFOs, not fulfilling one of his campaign promises. It probably would endanger national security. Carter is STILL silent. Trump and Pence also know what really happened. 

    Why JFK and Oswald and Jack Ruby were killed we probably will not know for a long time.  

    Your source is not a reliable source. It is heavily biased because it is a blog. Yes, the Illuminati probably does exist. So does Opens Dei. 

    I've wondered for well over 50 years what really happened to the back of JFK's skull in the cargo hold of AIF Force 1 between Love field outside of Dallas and Dulles AFB. 

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    It was Murder first and foremost of probably the best President the USA ever had 

    And there were that many cover ups, the truth will probably never be known

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    From the link - "Those who remember the 50s know where they were when they heard that President Kennedy got shot. "

    Those of us who remember that JFK was assassinated in 1963 might wonder about the accuracy of the rest of this.  

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