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How much does max advertised projector display size matter when you need it to fit a larger screen?

Hello, the short throw projector I’m looking at advertises that it can project “crisp images up to 100” of display”. I have a 165” screen. Would moving the projector back until it fits such a display have a large impact on the quality of the image? It’s a short throw so I would only have to move it back a couple feet. It’s 1080p as well, if that matters. Thanks y’all.

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Don't try to force a projector to fill a larger screen than it is intended for.  


    If I was setting up a home theater with a projector, 

    I would Make Certain that the projector could deliver a Much larger image

    than the size of the screen I was going to use --- 

    say, if the screen was 120", I would want a projector good for at least 200".           

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