So how bad is the virus in you location ? Me. Central Illinois, school's & business closed with just a few cases confirmed?

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  • John
    Lv 7
    7 months ago

    San Francisco area. We are starting week two of shelter in place tonight. And the state was closed last week Wednesday. The best part is that the virus was nowhere near as bad as elsewhere and it seems that the sheltering is working pretty well. Numbers are rising but not very fast at all. Our governor is one of the smart ones.

  • 7 months ago

    Central New York. Like, imagine you draw a straight line from Buffalo/Niagara Falls to New York City...right in the middle of that line.

    In the county there's, like, ten or twenty confirmed cases. However, as (according to billboard propaganda) one of the most-poverty-stricken cities in the US, the majority of people in the city can't afford to go to the hospital to get tested and can't afford to miss work even when they are sick with the normal flu. So, I would easily put a few dozen to maybe even a hundred actual cases at the moment.

    For this, schools and most businesses are closed. Remaining open are factories (of which we have metal, plastic, and pharmaceutical factories codifying the city's current economy...leaving a hefty portion of the population still working), grocery stores (ergo Walmart, Target, Wegmans, etc) albeit with even Walmart closing at around 8 pm for restocking and sanitation, and restaurants/fast-food places (on delivery/pick-up ordinance only).

    So, like, a lot of **** is closed, putting many people out of work. And almost nothing that's still open remains open after sunset, cutting a bunch more peoples' hours...while a large amount of the people in the city must continue working full-time or even more-than-full-time hours at considerably-low wages with no recourse should they become sick except to get many more people sick..

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