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Janna asked in Consumer ElectronicsCameras · 2 months ago

What brand and size micro SD card would you recommend for GoPro Hero 5 Session?

I am fairly to photography and want to know what is the best online place to buy an SD card for my GoPro Hero 5 Session and if there is a recommended size and brand. 

2 Answers

  • Frank
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    I like to shop for camera gear at either or  Both sites are real camera stores out of New York and have been serving amateurs and professional photographers for about 50 years.  Both sites allow you to filter results by features such as size of the memory card, brand, read and write speed, etc...  You can't do that on amazon which is,  IMHO, one of the worst places on the web to shop because there's no one to call, there's far too many scam sales, and the site is not as shopper friendly as adorma or B&H.

    Stick with a main brand like SanDisk and you'll be fine.  Look for class 10 cards which is what you need for video.  Your owner's manual will tell you which type(s) of cards are recommended.

    Which size you go with will depend upon how much you plan on using it and where.  If you're someone who does short videos at home or work, then a card of 32GB or less will likely be good.  But if you're a traveler and do a lot of vlogging, then having multiple larger cards is what you'd need.

    Keep in mind that the read speed is critical if you do a lot of videos.  While most will agree write speed is more important, you most certainly do not want to be waiting a half an hour for the data to be downloaded off of the card onto your computer.  A faster read speed, even if in a card with a write speed beyond the capabilities of your camera, is desirable since it'll take much less time to download the data off of the card.  I did this with my camera.  A faster card didn't help in taking photos, but I cut my download time in half.  Not a big deal with small files, but it's huge when dealing with large video files.

  • 2 months ago

    brand doesn't matter (much). class does. get at minimum class 6, preferably class 10 or UHS 1-3 (higher is better).

    basically, the only ones you want to avoid are the "too good to be true" price listings. they're all scams. these cards will work most of the time but they're labeled as higher capacity than they really are, you won't know this until you fill them up and it starts deleting your older info.

    the rest of the cards are made in one or two factories from the same components with different brand names (you can tell this from the simple fact that the generic cards are only $2-3 cheaper than the brand names). 

    all said, sandisk and samsung are probably the best known brands. i've bought several teamgroup (generic) cards and been happy.

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