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Why is society under the notion that school/college is all there is to succeed in life?

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  • Al
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    Some people do succeed with a College education.... but college itself doesn't make a person successful, it's the passion behind the person that drives success.

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  • Jahal
    Lv 5
    2 months ago

    I think lots of people realize that's flawed logic. There are many ways to succeed, but if you're not the kind of person with the mind of an entrepreneur, or whiz at sales, or a creative genius, you're better off with college, and getting a degree. Steve Jobs dropped out of college, as did the Microsoft dude.  Most people don't have the work ethic and drive for perfection of  Jobs, or Jayz.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

     Yeah exactly. But education is big business. Student loans are big business. Everybody thinks you need a degree to be a capable person. You really don’t. Some people have high native intelligence and can learn faster with on the job training that people who have college degrees.

    Degrees don’t always mean much. This is proven by the fact that many of the doctors I have been to are really stupid (but arrogant) individuals who actually made me a lot sicker than I was when I started going to them. I actually know more about the things that I’m dealing with at this point than a lot of them too. 

    You can go to an Ivy League college like Yale and lack common sense and logic. I know because I’ve dealt with Yale individuals. They’re not all that smart. They just think they are. 

    Or maybe their parents just  bribed Yale to get their kids in like Lori Loughlin did with that university in CA. Who knows? Nothing really surprises me anymore. 

    If George W Bush got into Yale it’s obvious that they are willing to accept people based on their family names and not academic prowess. Because he wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the wood shed now was he?

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  • anom
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    A bachelor's degree is the new high school diploma. 

    I was on my own. No one to support me. I was trying to work, pay all my own bills, go to school full-time and study for my dreams. Without help, money, anything to help me propel in this work the only thing I could do was survive. I had to drop out. I didn't have enough energy to do it all. 

    Eventually, I got jobs bordering on my dreams. But I had to do alot of favors and free work to build a resume to have somewhat of a livable income. 

    The idea is, what's your plan?

    No Bachelor's won't work if you want to work for a large company. Benefits, vacation or 401k.

    -Robots and Corporations will weed you out for not having a bachelor's no matter how qualified you are.

    -companies have tried not only to deny me unemployment because of a lack of degree but also used to to give me lower wages.

    -If you have a bachelor's degree it's alot easier to travel the world being employed at that country. Australia, Japan, S Korea and there' probably more give automatic work permit to foreigners from N America under the age of 30 with a bachelor's degree. Teaching English and Traveling the world forever makes it alot easier with a bachelor.

    Going without a degree your options are an entrepreneur, real estate agent, construction worker, self-employment, sales for a chance at higher income but that's based totally on how good at business you become. 

    It's risky. If someone is helping you get a degree, take it while you can get it because that help won't be there forever. If you want to become an entrepreneur just get the bachelors so you're employable and as a safety net being an entrepreneur is a totally different ballpark where you're constantly scraping for an opportunity to make money.

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  • 2 months ago

    Because most people with a college education live well but this is a misnomer. Even educated fools reside in poverty 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You're free to do what you want.  Take time to think things through and don't subsequently whine about the consequences of those choices.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Do you think you can get to get to point z without starting from point a?

    I would like to see you try. FYI....Failing could have serious consequences.

    Without getting a higher education then you won't know where to start. Sure you can ask other people, but what if you take the advice of someone who is uneducated. You, and only you will be blamed, for your actions, and ignorance if you cause any problems.

    Sure you can self teach yourself, but this is no simple task. It's like trying to put a billion piece puzzle together, and it's hard. Without having a starting point then I think it's impossible to become successful.

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  • 2 months ago

    It all depends on your definition of success. If you want a professional job that pays enough for you to buy a nice home in a safe neighborhood, send your kids to college (in case they dream of becoming a doctor, teacher, rocket scientist or whatever), travel overseas and save for emergencies, then you're probably going to have to go to college. If you'd rather be a farmer, long distance truck driver, auto mechanic, landscaper, plumber, army drill sargeant or marijuana grower, then you won't need a college education. Suit yourself. No one is insisting that everyone needs a college education.

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  • cool
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    This is an important question. My answer is in two parts, part one focuses on society, part two focuses on individuals. These parts will be separated by a dotted line like this: ---------


    It's part of a long term agenda that began over 150 years ago.


    Once upon a time, children would help their parents on the farm, or in the family business.


    Government schools only really became the norm in the late 19th century, and even then, children were expected to leave as soon as possible, usually by 13 or 14…


    The main cause for the rise in popularity of state schooling was the monopolisation of the economy. More workers were being employed by ‘big corporations’ rather than locally owned businesses, these workers needed babysitters for their children whilst they were at work. Hence the rise of ‘teachers’ who are essentially babysitters.


    The current agenda is to use the university system as both a social pacifier and also as indoctrination.


    The government is hoping for a certain kind of person, they want a population who have been taught to neglect their children, destroy the vulnerable and accept any directive from authority.


    The primary purpose of the now 15 year or more 'educational' period, is to demoralise and destroy any resistance within the hearts of freedom loving adults.


    Yes, the government is keen to use university as a job creation facility.


    Yes, they are keen to use international students to generate foreign currency income.


    Yes, they want universities to promote paedophilia and child abuse.


    But the main agenda is simply to ensure that anyone who serves in a senior position within government, has been indoctrinated under the satanic principles of Luciferian education.


    That is why 'society' claims that school/college is important. 




    So why does the individual believe in the importance of school/college?


    Belief in education is a way of coping with our increasingly tyrannical world.


    Rather than admit that rich, well-connected people will always have an advantage in the job market, we claim that this can be overcome by 'networking at college'.


    Rather than admit that children who suffered birth trauma are at a disadvantage, we claim that this can be overcome by ‘working hard at college’.


    Rather than admit that the job market discriminates against older workers, we claim that this can be overcome by ‘lifelong learning, which starts at college’.


    The education cult promotes a pernicious form of hyper-agency. Personal problems can certainly be caused by systemic issues at a societal level.


    If you live in a culture that practices foot binding, then your deformed feet are caused by a societal issue, not a personal shortcoming.


    If you live in a culture that drops infants from buildings, then your fear of heights is caused by a societal issue, not a personal shortcoming.

    At its heart, college is about turning away from these difficult truths and retreating into the comforting lies of ‘credentials’...

    As tyranny and trauma massively increased in the 20th century, the obsession with education became more and more pronounced.

    To conclude, the belief that school/college are needed to succeed in life, is a symptom of extreme trauma. For a mentally devastated population, education represents a valuable opportunity to show that they are wholly committed to the rules and regulations of society... even at their own expense.

  • John
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    I would have to disagree with your premise.  There are indeed some people who believe an education automatically ensures financial success.  Most know, however, that education is only a component of well-paying career.

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