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He cancelled on me. But he keeps viewing my stories. A week later he commented on a story I posted. ?

And then he had a convo with me after i replied to his comment on my story

This guy is not my Bf. We have been on and off for ages. He’s always been on the fence regarding commitment. He knows that’s what I want 

He’s flaked on me in the past. I got angry with him last time and we went no contact for 2 months because of it. Now he’s flaked on me again. But then I didn’t get angry I just said ‘ah okay’ when he couldn’t make it.

And now a week later as mentioned in the title of this post he commented on my story (this is the first time he has commented) 

The last time we hung out was on Valentine’s Day. It was a super awesome date. He paid for every broth and we ended up going to his place. Didn’t have sex though we did try but were too tired so gave up. I’m sexually inexperienced n he doesn’t push me for it. 

He told me he would text me to meet up next and only made a plan 3 weeks later. I wasn’t free. So a week later (4 weeks after Valentine’s Day) we were meant to meet. But thats when he bailed on me. And now because of corona we are in different places and we won’t be seeing each other anytime soon 

But it was now (the week after he bailed on me) that he reached out and commented on my story 

Is he not interested?

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  • Bort
    Lv 6
    2 months ago
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    You're too good for him, so you're scaring him. Your options and the decision you need to make is if he's the one you want, or if you can manage finding the one that is.

    Chances are?

    You're too picky, and too real for anyone else that exists in this day in age with the mind-frame people of these years have which is primarily pillock.

    And that makes any of the choices, unless you somehow manage to find the needle in a haystack 'right one', pretty miserable and scarce.

    Intelligence is an extreme minority. Morals? This day in age; "what's that?"

    If you found it, keep it!

    Or at least play the same game and enjoy the ride until you find better.

    We only live once on this plane.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Feels like he is just playing with you to be honest. 

    The fact you just state that 'he is always been on the fence of commitment' already tells you that he is not into long-term relationships and he would feel overwhelmed by it as well. 

    Find someone who would cherish you and go out with you.  

    • Joyce2 months agoReport

      hey i see your interested in SEX it here can help you

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