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I need a way to get internet in my newly built pc.?

I am new and I build a gaming PC but I don’t know how to get Internet to it. My router is a floor below my PC. Can somebody please send good but cheap options on amazon to get good internet speeds and have good range. My router is not close. I’m not sure to go internal or external. All help would be greatly appreciated 

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  • 3 months ago
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    Best option: Run an ethernet cable.

    Second best: Get some gigabit-rated "homeplug" adapters, put one near the router & link that in, then put another near your PC and link that in.

    They allow you to add Ethernet outlets anywhere around the house, with no cabling other that to the Homeplug units.


    Last resort and worst possible choice: WiFi.

    For that, get an  external USB WiFi unit and put it on a USB extension cable, so it's well away from the PC. (Desktop PCs generate interference that messes with the signal, and the metal casing causes blocking and reflections).

    It's virtually impossible to have any two different WiFi systems using the common 2.4GHz band without them interfering with each other.. The channel numbers are a leftover from earlier systems and anything rated for high speeds uses half the band or more. Interference is guaranteed, if there are other users nearby.

    If you must use WiFi, try to use devices with 5GHz band capability, sa that band has many separate channels - but your router must also have that, which is still fairly rare.

    WiFi should always be a last resort, saved for things that cannot use any other form of connection.

    • mat3 months agoReport

      I actually found that my room and all the bedrooms in my house surprisingly have a wall Ethernet port. Will those work.

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  • 3 months ago

    u could try an ethernet over power adapter

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