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Why is my Kindle Fire 7 taking SO long to recharge?

2 Answers

  • 3 months ago

    You failed to mention how old your Kindle Fire is nor did you mention the output Amperage of the USB charger. 

    An old Kindle will have an old battery. And the battery does not last forever. But you can buy replacements and there are loads of excellent YouTube video guides. Brand new Kindle Fire models are very heavily subsidised by Amazon and are even cheaper if you buy a refurbished model from their “Renewed” range. So you have little to lose and valuable experience to gain if you try, but fail, to replace your battery. It’s not difficult though can be a bit fiddly.

    If your Kindle Fire is less than a year old then it’s still under an Amazon warranty. 

    If it’s out of warranty repair or replace it. 

    Before doing any of the warranty/repair/replace options check the USB charger. Amazon try to persuade Kindle Fire buyers to add their high-output charger to the shopping basket with good reason: all Fire models take insanely long to fully recharge on standard 0.5W (=500mW) USB chargers. The minimum recommended is 1W (=1000mW). The current Amazon suggestion is for a 5W USB charger and the one I bought recently was 9W. Both are huge overkill as the Kindle cannot draw that much power whilst charging, but those chargers remain very useful for some USB-C devices I now own which CAN charge that fast. 

    A fully depleted battery on most Kindle Fire models should take around 6-8 hours to recharge on a high output USB charger. On a low output charger that can be around 16-20 hours.

    Note that ALL USB chargers have a nominal output voltage of 5V DC which is why I’ve only mentioned Wattage.

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  • 3 months ago

    You got the best value for a low end tablet. Jeff Bozos should consider upgrading and replacing the products, and offer repair services. Although, it is disposable considering how lackluster the tablets are.

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