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Is 16,000 miles low for a used 2017 car?

Should I be worried about low mileage when buying a used car? I mean like if it has low miles could it mean that it’s been sitting a while because something bad went wrong with it? Thank you in advance.

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    While it is lower than the expected normal of 10K/yr it does not mean anything anymore with everyone working from home on their PC. So they have no job to drive to&back daily so they may have only shopping for food as a 1ce a week thing so the car is basically parked.  My car is 13 yrs old and I drive an average of 2500/yr.  The car you are looking at has done double that(figuring 3 years) or 5333/yr.  You can Google up the car and see if there is any problems with that model (experienced by other drivers) If nothing really sticks out then, you can see yourself if the car has been taken care of or has been driven into the ground...just by the wear and tear.  There should not be anything like that.  It should look basically new. But because it is NOT A NEW CAR, they can not give a new warranty for that.  So, easy 10K if not more is off the price of that car compared to new. Check and compare the price with other cars in the newspaper (same year, same make) under "Auto's for sale" in the classified section of the newspaper.  While you can't run out and see every car, you will get an idea of what the going selling price is and you can figure out by the car description that it is Like New or an old beater on its last legs. You get a ballpark figure and an idea if the car is good or troublesome.  Go with that.  Never be in  a rush to buy.  There will always be another car somewhere.

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    I bought a new car and had the 6 monthly service checks for 3 years, followed by full service checks every year after. Initially, I bought the car because we lived in an isolated area - but then we moved closer to transport, so I basically used the car to do the shopping. When I sold the car at 10- years, I had only 20,000 kms on the speedo.  Nothing wrong with the car, a great little motor, I (reluctantly) sold it because I needed the money. I wrote about my car just to show low mileage doesn't necessarily mean a dud car. Good luck!

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    Yes, it is low mileage, about 45 miles a moth.  Have your mechanic take a look if you are interested and the price is right.

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    Low mileage on a three or four year old car would be like 10K miles these days. 

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    Yes it great first take it to mechanic with the owner and know what your buying

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    it gets serviced every six months and it's garaged when not in use.

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    16,000 miles on a 3-year-old car is below average, but not necessarily a bad thing. If possible you should take a good look at how the car was used and how well it was maintained by the previous owner.

    I have a 5-year old pickup truck with only 22,000 miles on it. It's not my only means of transportation, so I don't use it for daily commuting, but it gets serviced every six months and it's garaged when not in use.

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    It is low. Average per year is about 12,000 miles. Buy it. Have a mechanic inspect it if you choose. You should still have some warranty coverage.

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    16000 miles it hasn't been driven enough for something to go wrong with it? Unless it was a police car that sat idling with a speed camera for a couple of  years I wouldn't buy an ex police car 

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    12 months ago

    Not to worry, my 2016 car has only @ 16000 because it is a second car that gets driven less.

    Maybe yours was driven to church only on Sundays by a little old lady.

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