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JW's I'm only curious. Do Jehovah Witnesses baptize by immersion in water.  I didn't see an answer on Q & A at  How do you baptize ?

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  • 3 months ago
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    Hello Gloria,

    Jehovah's Witnesses baptize by total immersion in water. Please see the following excerpt from Insight From the Scriptures, Vol 1 p. 251-252:

    From the definition of baptism as stated earlier, it is clear that baptism is complete immersion or submersion in water, not a mere pouring or sprinkling. The Bible examples of baptism corroborate this fact. Jesus was baptized in a sizable river, the Jordan, and after being baptized he came “up out of the water.” (Mr 1:10; Mt 3:13, 16) John selected a location in the Jordan Valley near Salim to baptize, “because there was a great quantity of water there.” (Joh 3:23) The Ethiopian eunuch asked to be baptized when they came to “a body of water.” They both “went down into the water.” Afterward they came “up out of the water.” (Ac 8:36-40) All these instances imply, not a small ankle-deep pool, but a large body of water into and out of which they would have to walk. Further, the fact that baptism was also used to symbolize a burial indicates complete submersion.​—Ro 6:4-6; Col 2:12. 

    Historical sources show that the early Christians baptized by immersion. On this subject the New Catholic Encyclopedia (1967, Vol. II, p. 56) states: “It is evident that Baptism in the early Church was by immersion.” Larousse du XXe Siècle, Paris, 1928, says: “The first Christians received baptism by immersion everywhere where water was found.” 

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  • 3 months ago

    Yes they do but NOT in the NAme of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit as Jesus taught (Matthew 28: 19) and they only baptize once a year when they baptize all the candidates together on one day - I think it's around Easter time

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    • Snowbird
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      Jesus told us that when He knocks on the door of our heart, if we open up to Him HE WILL COME IN TO US (Rev 3:20) He doesn't come in bodily, but BY HIS HOLY SPIRIT Because Jesus is Father, Isa 9:3 SON & HOLY SPIRIT all in one body (Col 2:9)

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  • BJ
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    3 months ago

    The Bible clearly teaches that if you want to serve God, you should get baptized.

    Jesus told his followers: “Make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them.” (Matthew 28:19) Jesus also set the example by getting baptized himself.

    He was completely immersed in water, not just sprinkled with water on his head. (Matthew 3:16) Today when a Christian is baptized, he must also be completely immersed, or dipped, in water..

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  • 3 months ago

    They don't because they don't believe in the Spirit of God

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