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Was there ever a novel adaptation of the 2000 film Supernova?

Couldn't remember this book I read years ago. One specific part I remembered was a Captain watching Tom and Jerry. And the back of the book promoted a film adaptation coming out soon. I found this:

2000s Movie Project Review: 'Supernova'It rang a bell and I think I found the movie. At first I was bummed out cause the film apparently wasn't that good. But it mentions the scene I read with the captain watching Tom and Jerry cartoons so I easily figured this had to be it!

Now I admit I haven't searched far and wide exactly, but searching around I haven't seen anything (immediately at least) that says there ever was a novel. Just other books that include stuff about supernovas or movie posters on Amazon for the film. So now I'm at a loss. I'd love to buy a copy from anywhere really. It was a good book. Ok maybe it wasn't and it's just indicative of my **** tastes, but every trip on the lightrail reading this was pretty memorable. Although I guess not so memorable since I forgot about it so easily.....


Couldn't fit this in a comment:

1) Read it 2015

2)Old not too old


4)American English

5)Adult readers

6)Cover had blue and a ship

7)All I might remember is they were on a mission

8) Wasn't all white

9) focus on the characters

10) Only remember 1 woman. Her and this other guy were trying for a kid if I remember right which is why early on they had just slept together.

*That's about it speed. I'm pretty slow so I dont know if you meant for me to answer you really or just think on it*

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    The movie Supernova, with James Spader and Angela Bassett, was not adapted from a novel; all its writing credits relate to the screenplay. A light search suggests that no novelization based on the movie was ever written.

    (Unless there was an underground fan fiction. Would you have read such a thing, years ago?)

    It's entirely possible that any sci-fi movie or novel of humans in space might use Tom & Jerry cartoons as a common link to the home planet. (Now, they'd probably use something like The Simpsons.)

    It's fun to help identify books. What can you remember besides the captain's taste in cartoons? Questions to answer as much as you can:

    About when did you read it, to the closest year or even decade?

    Did it seem recent, or was it already an old book?

    Hardcover or paperback?

    American English, or other?

    Written for adult readers rather than teens?

    Any recollection of the cover art?

    What was the crew's mission? Where were they headed and why?

    Was there an all-white American crew or inter-racial, multi-ethnic, or international?

    How science-y was it? Did the author explain more about how things worked or about the people and their relationships?

    Were there women on board? Was there a romantic element?

    I happen to have seen Supernova and it was pretty lame. IMDb says the budget was $90 million and its total earnings worldwide less than $15 million, so there'd have been no marketing sense in paying a writer to create a novelization.

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