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BC license! 10 points!!!?

I have my G1 license (learners permit) from Ontario Toronto. I will be moving to BC soon .. Kelowna. I plan to get my G2 once i move to BC. Would i need to start over again and get my learners permit from BC then work may way up to class 7 in BC then class 5. Or can i just automatically get my class 7 license in BC? Thank you without doing my learners permit G1 again. Thanks !


I have had my G1 license for 2 years now and will be moving for work

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    G1andG2 are for RESIDENTS of Ontario.

    You DO NOT need to start all over again. You get some credit for what you have. As a NEW driver you go through the NEW driver graduated licence of BC.

    You turn in your old Ontario licence to get the new to you one from BC.

     you have 90 days to switch over your licence.

    If you don't have two years' driving experience (with a full-privilege, non-learner licence) or can't prove it, you can still get a B.C. licence by going through the graduated licensing program. You'll get credit for however long you have been driving.

    Need more detail then just ask the Licence people of BC for your specific details.

    Are you coming to BC just as a student? There are different rules.

    Try this number 1-800-950-1498. They can assist with the details.

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    I will be moving for work

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    Call the office and ask.

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    See the light blue box headed 'driving experience requirement' on the page that JuanB's answer gave you.

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    It's all controlled by ICBC, the Provincial Auto Insurance Corporation.  You will need to contact them.  Here is the moving to BC page, but I don't see an answer to your question there.

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