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Should Arab countries fire coronavirus-laden missiles at Israel?

The Israelis will be too sick to resist, making reclaiming it much easier.

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    8 months ago
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    If you're going to stoop to biological warfare, there are far more effective agents than corvid-19. Theres all sorts of diseases with a higher mortality rate, a greater infection rate, and/or more severe, debilitating symptoms

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    8 months ago

    israel has flooded palestine with synthetic drugs to subdue the arabs

    google HYDRO, the facts might shock you 

    the bigger question, why didnt you know until now

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    8 months ago

    It takes two weeks for symptoms to show, there would be nothing left of the Arab countries in that time lol. Israel defeated the Arabs in six days, giving them 14 days this time around is generous :)

    As for talk of reclaiming, Israel is reclaiming Judea & Samaria albeit slowly. Hopefully Netanyahu will get Coronavirus and step down so someone who'll actually reclaim Judea & Samaria from the Jordanians will take over.

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    Israel has already got Covid-19.

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