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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 3 months ago

I just need advice?

My mom is telling me I have to go a private christian school because I have been caught smoking and drinking for the past two years and now she is telling my friend's parents and she said I can never hangout with my friends ever again. But my friends are all I have I need them I love them. 

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  • Pyrus
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    3 months ago
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    Wait what? "Change" doesn't happen like that. OK, I'm a Christian, I've been to a Christian school, and I can tell you that in no way does that "change" work the way your mom probably thinks. Does she believe that as soon as you enter this new school, you'll be given some sort of magic elixir that will cure you of everything that your mom doesn't want in you? NO! If anything, she's exacerbating the situation! You WILL suffer from withdrawal and depression if she takes this course of action. You have your friends, and although your mom does have a point about the influence they may have on you, her making you go to a Christian school will only makes things worse, and she will pay for it with YOUR future... and eventually hers! 

    You have to find a compromise. What is it you're smoking to begin with? How much are you smoking per day? You can cut down on the amount, and if your friends start asking questions, just be honest with them. Tell them literally: "My mom told me that she will make me go to a private Christian school if I don't at least cut down on the smoke and drink. That would also mean I won't get to see you guys again. So, screw that, I want to see you guys!"

    Keep everything in moderation, show your mom that YOU are in control of your smoking and drinking, and not the other way around. To cut down on the smoke, here is a trick you can use: DON'T smoke the same brand all the time. That's how they get you. ALWAYS change your brand. Go from Malboro to Kent to Gitane to Winston to... you get the idea. This DOES work (my dad is the evidence of it), and make sure you smoke only from time to time, and don't go overboard with it. 

    The main issue here is that your mom is, well, your mom, and she technically can make you change school, since she's paying for it all and you are technically not a legal adult (I think, I don't know your age). So, you have to "haggle". 

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    I don't know what school you went to Mom but TODAY'S GENERATION, we SMOKE, DRINK, #UCK, GET #UCKED UP BIG TIME, GAMBLE, all at Christian School(plus the teacher gets to select a few favorite students for private lessons in the back room)

    "TIME TO SMELL THE BURNING COFFEE" Taking Hallucinogenic Drugs that make some of us believe in an INVISIBLE MAN who needs all our money. (If this man is all so powerful then Y does he not make a bunch of money appear out of thin air(instead of FISH &Roaches)"Am I questioning your beliefs?  Damn right I am."  (Notice, I have not been struck down dead yet either.)Seeing you do not have a good answer for me, then there is no more to discuss.  I am leaving the STONE AGE & it's beliefs behind. They have all been proven false except the WHEEL & Fire.Evil spirits=WRONGFirmanent over the earth=WRONGFlat Earth= WrongHell does not exist meaning Heaven does not exist either.All the creatures fit on Noah's arc? It could not even hold all the insects(there is that many), so you want to try that STORY again?

    Check out Youtube and AronRa.  That long haired dude knows more than you will ever know. He is a Science teacher...sort of.  He has knocked over Evangelical Ministers with the amount of knowledge He has on the foundation of religion.  He is an he has to know his stuff.

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  • 3 months ago

    I would tell her that drinking and drugs happen just as much at those schools, the students are just better at hiding it. They also have wealthier parents, so it stays out of police/courts so it gives the impression that it isn't as bad of a problem. Tell her that if she removes you from your friends, that will just be a trigger for more risk taking behavior, and it could actually make the problem worse.

    Then if you want to stay, you are likely going to have to agree to some form of treatment/counseling/ or other course of action that will give her what she wants.

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  • Rick
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    3 months ago

    I know this is hard for you but it's one of the things that work when people are influenced by their friend's alcohol use behaviors.  She's doing it because she loves you and wants you to be safe.

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