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My friend got roofied at a frat party. She doesn't want to tell anyone, should I?

My friend went to a frat party last night and got roofied. this fraternity has an extensive history of sexual assault, and clearly they arent doing anything about their image. I dont want to sit idly by and let it happen to more young girls. Who should I tell, if anyone?


she was not raped, someone else could have been though. I dont want to let it go unnoticed

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    Unfortunately, if you didn't see any part of the assault and your friend doesn't want to come forward, there isn't much action you can take in terms of specific legal justice for her. There are many ways you may be able to improve prevention, get actions taken against the fraternity, and encourage your school to have stricter policies on this. 

    Here is an article that has action steps and resources for preventing assault, reporting assault, and caring for those who have experienced assault.

    Here is an article about how sharing stories of sexual assault on social media has helped University of Denver students push for policy changes and better support.

    It may seem depressing or hopeless when looking at the statistics for sexual assault and how often people are held accountable. However, we are seeing increasing changes and accountability. Getting systems to change often depends on making changes easier and more comfortable than maintaining the status quo. In many schools, the opposite condition is the norm. Many college boards assume that openly addressing the problem will get them bad press and make prospective students less interested in pouring money into their institution. Projects like #wecandubetter shifts the narrative and makes it so that colleges MUST address the problem to counteract bad press. 

    My advice is, yes, try to support your friend. Yes, try to warn other girls about this fraternity. But more than anything, try to figure out how you can make the abusive behavior of this fraternity hurt its members and hurt the school's image, because that tends to be the only way these issues have been addressed with any speed or effectiveness in the past. 

    Social media is often a go-to for this, but I personally suggest a sticker campaign.

    That way the people most likely to be affected by this frat will see the stickers and be able to act accordingly. 

    (Note this may be illegal, technically? Use at own risk)

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    First there needs to be proof that she was roofied. Then you need to prove that she was sexually assaulted. You said they didn't rape her. If there was no sexual assault then the cops won't do anything. I suggest since your friend wants to keep quiet then respect it and don't push it. She will end up reporting it later on out of guilt because other girls will have it done to them. But you can't assume anything sexual happened and even if your friend did have something happen to her she won't remember because she was roofied. I would want to tell the cops too but the point is it comes down to her wanting to do so. She can get tested to see if any sexual assault happened. She has to go to the hospital and they will be able to test and figure out if anything did happen

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    Hard as it is, if she does not wish it to be reported, do not do so.

    You could make a general comment about the behaviour, but giving no names

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    I doubt that there's " extensive history of sexual assault."  But back to what you, personally know:  not much.  Your friend may or MAY NOT have been "roofied."  This underage young girl may or MAY NOT have had too much to drink.  ( I have no idea.)   What you CAN do is discourage this young girl from going to parties alone.

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    Someone needs to tell the administration and give names. If they don't then they are just as guilty of violating the girl as the people who gave her the drug.

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    Tell the cops. Bad choice of a place to go without a wing woman.

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    Be careful making accusations unless you have proof.

  • Anonymous
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    You could tell the administration. Especially if they were shouting "1 2 3 4 F*ck That Puzzy Till It's Sore! "

  • Anonymous
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    Go to the police!

  • 7 months ago

    I would start by talking to the police. 

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