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Why do liberals hate the environment so much that they're destroying it to build "renewable energy" power plants?

The 16,200 to 59,400 birds killed annually by solar farms in southern California, and the 140,000 to 328,000 birds killed annually by wind turbines in the U.S. are large, rare, and threatened, like the Golden Eagle, Red-Tailed Hawk, and American Kestrel.

Ivanpah solar farm, for instance, requires an astonishing 450 times more land, per unit of energy produced, than Diablo Canyon, California’s last nuclear plant, which has had no impact on its neighboring fish population, and whose tidal pools are some of the most pristine on the West Coast.

Given how large the ecological impact of solar and wind farms has been, it’s surprising to remember that solar and wind still constitute just 1.3 and 6.3 percent of electricity in the U.S.


Franzen’s essay resonated. One month after it was published in 2015, the American Bird Conservancy told CBS News, bluntly, “Wind turbines are among the fastest-growing threats to our nation's birds.”

Update 2:

@Troll: The solution is nuclear, renewables do not provide nearly as small environmental damage (and it is more than just birds, entire ecosystems are wiped out just for renewables) as they're claimed to be.

Update 3:

@Troll: If you actually read real science, instead of just being "who cares about the birds... I can google a counter!" you'd realize that this wasn't about birds, it was about the environment, renewables are unsustainable and destroy more than they save.

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    The liberals put their agenda above any reality. They want to replace fossil fuels, coal and natural gas. Right now there are 240 thousand wind turbines world wide. To replace JUST coal there would have to be 1.3 BILLION wind turbines in the world. They don't care that their plans kill wildlife or just can't compete with fuels. The agenda comes above everything else.

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    Solar Reserve, the owner of Crescent Dunes Solar plant and the LLC that is running it are both managed by a bunch of conservatives. Maybe you should ask them about it.

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    They don't.  The power sources they're advocating for are more environmentally friendly.  It's true that wind turbines kill some birds.  But it's a tiny fraction of the birds killed by coal fired plants. And that's not even factoring in all the other animals and plants killed by coal and other environmental impacts.  Hell, there are thousands of humans who are killed each year by burning fossil fuels. 

    You're making a massive and pretty elementary error in that you're assuming that our current system is neutral and that wind turbines, which you single out, would increase bird fatalities.  In fact they'd greatly reduce it, as would other renewable energy sources.

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    It's true that windmills kill birds.

    But if we don't do something about global warming soon, there won't be any birds anyway. We MUST come up with some form of green energy.

    Perhaps more solar and water power is the solution. Perhaps it is, as you suggest, nuclear power.  I don't know. But we have to do something.

    If you read my link you'll see that windmill people are doing what they can to prevent bird deaths.

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    Every liberal policy ends up being a total disaster.

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