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What is it with 16-18 year old boys worrying about clothing size?

It doesn't really matter, the way I see it, a childs large is pretty close to a mens small. Besides, one can probably start shopping in the mens section around the age of maybe even 15 as people grow pretty quickly during puberty (between the ages of 11 and 16


I see many questions usually accompanied by a picture asking "is this 17 year old guy wearing children's clothing or men's clothing?" 

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    3 months ago
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    Second paragraph first. The pictures are not posted by a teen even though they are pictures of teens. The pictures are of guys in shorts focusing on the crotch area. The poster is always anonymous. These pictures have been posted in a repeated order for longer than two years. These are all signs that it's someone much older with a pedophile fetish for boys in shorts. 

    First paragraph: sizes don't transition smoothly from kids to adult and child there's considerable overlap. A guy doesn't go from boys large to men's small. According to size charts he's probably a medium. Compounding the problem is that boys between 15 and 17 grow. A lot. And fast. My oldest went from 5 4 to 6 ft in that time. My youngest went from 5 6 to 6ft 3. Of course both had trouble with sizes. Further complicating matters is that there's no such thing as standard sizing between stores. All this leaves both kids and parents confused. 

    You're correct, it doesn't matter to you and it's really not your worry. The pervs are easy to spot and I don't mind  explaining how sizes really work. I try to help confused teens and parents because I was once there myself. The shorts perv gets reported and doxxed. It's all good.

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  • 3 months ago

    they are just insecure little bitches

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