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Ecology question?

Assume a human requires 2000 calories per day. How much daily energy input is required at the producer level to support the carnivorous diet?

1 Answer

  • cmac'm
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    The flow of energy through the ecosystem is part of the food web, each position a organism occupies is called a trophic level.

    About 10% of the energy is transferred through each trophic level contributing to biomass production of the next organism.

    1. Primary production- plants take energy mostly from the sun --1000 calories

    2. Herbivores eat the primary producers(plants)--100 calories

    3. CARNIVORES eat the herbivores-- 10 calories

    4. Apex predators eat other carnivores-- 1 calorie

    So we can say the minimum daily energy input required at the producer level to support a (100%) carnivorous diet is 200,000 calories.

    That is assuming an all meat diet--which is the definition of a carnivorous diet.

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