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speedy_nyc asked in PetsDogs · 1 month ago

Standard schnauzer and children?

Hello all.

I need some advice about getting a standard schnauzer .

1st I'm an experienced dog owner. I currently have no pets.

I have 2 kids one is 4 and 7 years old.

I have a cemented small yard that's fenced in.

How are standards in terms of children under 7? Are they better behaved then the miniature schnauzer?

Are the standards jumpy as they say when they are young?

Taking the standard out on the leash 4 times a day for 15 min will be enough?

I dont mind dog parks for an hr or 2 weather permitting.

Or will I need to have it for few hours in the doggy daycare while everyone is at work?

Also if the dog stays at home alone for 4 to 5 hours and has toys and bones to chew will this satisfy. 

Are standards as good watchdogs as the miniature?

I owned dogs under 9 kg but never a larger dog in my lifetime.

I'm debating between the mini and standard.

I'm also looking from the point of the dog which dog will be better for the children now and long term.

7 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    No breeder in their right mind would sell a pedigreed puppy to someone with a CEMENTED small yard.  You're going to let the puppy/dog piss and crap on THAT???

    I also doubt you could even afford to buy a pedigreed puppy.  A dog like that would START at around $1,000.  Then there's the cost of shots, altering, etc.  Dogs like this also require expert grooming every few months.

    As for all your questions if you're that lazy you can't RESEARCH how to care for a dog you have no business owning one. You would never leave "bones and toys" for a dog to chew on when you're not home. This could result in the dog choking or ending up with pieces of bone or toys in its stomach/intestines causing a blockage and DEATH. As for how they are with children it depends on YOUR children.  Have they been taught to be gentle with animals?  Do they have any experience with animals?  Are they loud, rough, bratty or calm, well-behaved?  We can't tell how YOUR kids will be with a dog or puppy.  Most shelters and breeders, though, would never sell someone a puppy with a 4 year old.

    If you want a pet get a cat or kitten from a shelter.  Keep it indoors at all times.

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  • 1 month ago

    This is the first site that came up when I googled your question.

    (c/p) Are standard schnauzers good with kids?

    Standard Schnauzers can be a good choice for families with children, but parents should always supervise. Standards can also get along well with other family pets, including cats, but they may be aggressive towards dogs they don't know. ... Standard Schnauzers are guardian dogs, devoted to their people.

    Standard Schnauzer Dog Breed Information - › dogs › standard-schnauzer

    Just a bit of advice, try to avoid buying from a BYBer. You cannot trust the temperament of a dog from a BYBer. People to breed & sell their pets pups. No Vet visits, no genetic testing, no selective breeding & what they produce are low quality pups. You get no guarantees from BYBers.

    If you want to get a better quality pup buy from a reputable breeder. You can find one by contacting the national breed club & asking where the reputable breeds are in your state or near by.

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  • 1 month ago

    Rather than expect serious answers from people on here (we are invaded by trolls at the moment and at best, kids of under the age they should be here), I'd locate an experienced and reputable breeder and by appointment, go visit.  Most good breeders should be willing to spend some time out from their busy day, to talk to somebody interested in their chosen breed so they make a good decision about having one. And their answers should include the pros first and if you are still with them, then the cons!!

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  • 1 month ago

    I have experience with both in my kennel club obedience training programs.  Many of both sizes are yappy "BARK-A-HOLICS" but I was very specific as to NEITHER being ideal breeds for younger children -> the LAST TIME YOU ASKED THIS..... 3 days ago.


    "Having done dog rescue & adoption for years, I have to tell you the same thing we tell all people with children; WE DO NOT RECOMMEND any dog for a home, when any children are UNDER AGE 6 yrs. Children under age 6 DO NOT understand "cause & effect" - as Emergency room statistics (on dog bites from FAMILY DOGS) - bears up.   When you choose an assertive, dominant or terrier-type personality; the odds of bites to children GO UP.

    If you want a guard dog, that is even a worse choice (to prevent the children being bitten) than a mild-mannered (GENTLE) easy to train, and CHILD-FRIENDLY breed - like a Golden Retriever or a Labrador (two of the most POPULAR breeds) - FOR A REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NEITHER Schnauzer is recommended for homes with young children, but the Standard has the LOWEST rating for "sociability with children" at low to very low (similar to sociability to "strangers". Both versions of Schnauzer also have a VERY HIGH indoor & outdoor ENERGY LEVELS and are hard to deter or "distract" from an activity or action. 

    **Dominance to strange dogs is VERY HIGH** w/ the Standard & Med. with the miniature. **Dominance to familiar people = is VERY HIGH*** w/ standard and high as to med. w/ the Mini. Learning rate is high, but Obedience learning rate is medium in well-bred Minis, but **LOW** in the Miniature from puppy mills or BYBs. (And there are LOTS of those.)

    **Behavior problems** include: dominance challenges, excessive protectiveness and guarding of objects, places & people (aka resource guarding). NOTE:  Dominance challenges and/or Resource guarding CAN RESULT in BITING (any and all possible familiar persons in the home.) "   

    No dog or any breed, will protect you from a bullet and is very unlikely to prevent home invasion or home burglary.  Get a home protection system, instead and learn self-protection, rather than RISKING the safety of young children with a dog not appropriate - for them.  Many dogs much more "child-safe" - (including Labradors) can be alarm barkers and can be MUCH EASIER TO TRAIN!.

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  • Raven
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    I am a professional dog groomer. I have never owned any size schnauzer. I am familiar with the mini, groomed countless number of them, and they all seem to have one thing in common: barking. Shrill, repeated barking. In grooming circles, this is what they're known for.

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  • Maxi
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    As an "experienced dog owner" why ask on a world wide Q&A forum, where you will get mixed answers, mainly from children or trolls.there are only a small handful of knowledgable dog people who answer and I don't beleive any of them have schnauzers.

    I have some clients with schnauzers, they are not my prefered breed but standard or mini they have similar temperments, you just have a larger dog to deal with.

    Personally I think you are asking too much of any dog especially saying "15 min walks", "weather permitting", "dog parks", day care", "4-5 hours alone...left with toys/bones" and "watch dog" mention of extensive socialisation, training and as an 'experienced dog owner' you know without a couple of long daily walks regardless of weather, without dog training classes, without  extensive socialisation, several months of house training it will be 18 month to 2 yrs before you achieve a well mannered, well behaved dog and why even then would you destroy its behaviour by taking it to a dog park or dumped in day care

    .......and as far as dogs and children, well that depends on the behaviour of the children, get the wrong temperment and you are asking for problems as children can be loud, boisterous and without supervision cruel to dog and they could very well end up being badly bitten or you end up with a dog who is anxious...... you have 2 young kids who do not live with a dog, so they will need as much work as any new potential dog will

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    My neighbor has owned two standard schnauzers and i can tell you all they do is bark every time somebody walks by Neighbor will be getting a $5000 fine soon if they don't keep them quiet They are also aggressive to some dogs. As far as children go they are not the best breed and are hyper.You will need to have a firm hold on them when taking them for a walk.Would not advise getting one especially if you have children.

    • speedy_nyc1 month agoReport

      Okay. Thanks for info. Maybe I should stick with the mini.  Easier to handle. Although not all standards are like that...hmm..who knows

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