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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 month ago

does the USA and the European Union have a similar agenda regarding allowing droves of illegal immigrants? what is the agenda? why?

same kind of complaining on both sides of the Atlantic, they are allowed in , many illegal, dont have to follow the laws, pay taxes, they get free healthcare, schooling, are treated like "special citizens" even though they are not really legal yet? they undercut the wages of the lower class citizens? why the governments are allowing this and even promoting it?


but the islamic migrants are not really working for cheaper wages are they? in fact many work in family businesses? how that is?

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  • 1 month ago
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    It is neither a US plan nor an EU plan.

    There are people in the world that want to control both entities. They pretty much do now but their ultimate goal is to have one central Global  Government.

    Around a century ago, Europe was a very different place. Countries all had agreements with each other to jointly fight oppressors. That is how when a Bosnian Serb assassinated an Austrian Archduke it resulted in England and Germany going to war against each other.

    Someone called Richard Niklaus Count von Coudenhove Kalergi, who was half Austrian and half Japanese formul;ated a plan to unite Europe. His plan was to flood it with people from Africa and the Far East. He reasoned that all that diversity suddenly imposed would bring together the people of Europe.

    It is called the Kalergi Plan and Kalergi was the awarded the Charlemagne Prize - someone else who tried to unite Europe. That prize has since been won by Angela Merkel, and two EU Presidents. What a coincidence!

    The EU hierarchy talks to the Open Society roughly weekly and they favoutr open borders and a united Europe. The same idea is being inflicted on the US.

    There is another version of the plan formulated by academics Cloward and Piven. They proposed importing so many people that ta country's welfare system failed. Both plans have the same modus operandi and results.

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  • 1 month ago

    Some would say to generate votes for a specific party, or they believe that the immigrants are escaping horrible situations, and 1,000 other reasons.  Living in Phoenix AZ since 1992, I've seen and known both legal and illegal immigration of all kinds and feel that government's know that they can't ever stop it and it costs too much to try.

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  • Ron
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    1 month ago

    The left wants socialism, plain and simple

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  • 1 month ago

    Obviously desperate people work for lower wages, that means that the employers make substantially more profit. This is the Dark Side of Capitalism. Also the more more people who come into the country the more you can sell, particularly in the Black or unregulated economy.

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    • Land-shark
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      1 month agoReport

      Family businesses are often like modern slavery.  Family members are expected to work for what the boss says they can pay.

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