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Philosophy: Can things get better if there is no competition?

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  • 3 months ago
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    Regulated competition a resounding "yes" from me.

    2)  Greta T had quite a lot of "physical competition" from within

         so to speak -though we could guess minimal COMPETITION

        "from without".

         Yet SHE Alone went on strike outside of her school one day..

         leading later to the President & Vice President having to

         acknowledge her considerable achievement. Plenty of 

         activist philosophy with some understanding there of what 

         dangers lie ahead  (& as I say philosophy MUST JOIN 

         WITH HER ambitions not least because WE ALL ARE IN 

         AN Environment EMERGENCY... & I firmly & objectively 

         believe that philosophy CAN HAVE THE DECISIVE HELP 

         to put-right-this-frightening & complex MISTAKE of the past 

         AND Now of-the-Future).

    3)  Heaven Fitch - a young wrestler from North Carolina using

         her honed skill to defeat The BOYS in an important school

         COMPETITION !

         And her joy at that remarkable achievement... not least her

         beautiful words when prompted about being a Role Model 

         for other athletes.

         "Way to go Heaven F"...another young person who has Achieved !

    1)  Us here either as a group or as an Individual.

         Students all, just why should we give up trying our

         best against-considerable-odds to DO & Understand

         philosophy ?

         Hardly any I believe.... for THIS environment IS our environment ;

         and as such you like me are FREE TO ROAM THE Textbooks,

         free to criticise those learned authoritative written words...

         free to look again at the philosopher's PHILOSOPHY on 

          "YouTube" for example...


         do re-work just WHAT we knew & HOW we know it...

         Objective philosophy rather than our naïve type philosophy

         that we all did -with free abandon- when we were YOUNG.

         Fortunately we are "growing up" (or grown like me!) & yet

         we still-can-know-&-can-still-learn how-to-be-rationally-critical 

         of the philosophy both within us (already learned so to speak)

         & understand & put-into-practise how-to-be-better-critically

         -rational (= objective) of the philosophy that we come across

         when we study others. Even those philosophy or philosopher's

         who MAY NOT have made it into WIKIPEDIA or YOUTUBE (!)

         There are MILLIONS of old past philosophy & history &

         psychology & political books out there... MILLIONS of them 

         & of those there are specifically those books WHICH HAVE

         special.. autonomous...and...critically...decisive...hidden...

         written... philosophy...knowledge...within. Hidden...type...                                           MISTAKES of that special

         that unique Environment-work.  (so to speak & understand)  

          And if you search you may MAKE your own luck & discover

          real-honest-to-god - truth !  Be careful though, having had 

          a bit of experience myself*, it CAN HIT YOU LIKE A BRICK !?!


          Then just to think.... YOU will be RICH...because you would

           then "own some gemstone or gemstones of knowledge"

           which you should well be able NOT JUST to enhance

           your own objective-type-Philosophy BUT rather you will

           have obtained THE VERY TOOL or tools to impart some 

           worth-while knowledge back into our DISCIPLINE... our 

           unique personalised environment which by our design

           demands more & more problem solving.. those answers

           TO ANY Human problem, the domain of PHILOSOPHY.

          *  upon reading "Emancipation thro knowledge.."  a small

             wonderful, objective & beautifully expressive Essay by 

             KR Popper,  the late historian-of-Ideas par excellence &

             fantastic philosopher to boot.


    Source(s): my so-called-blessing TO SEARCH & TO LEARN.. "competitively & diligently as you will." You may not regret it !
  • 3 months ago

    Now we have a model for how God may resurrect this very body: He does so by, ... there is no danger of my 'fissioning out of existence' due to competition with my ... body are the kinds of things that can last through time (some talk as though 

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  • AgProv
    Lv 6
    3 months ago

    "Thesis plus antithesis =  synthesis" - attributed to Karl Marx. Progress only comes out of strife as clashing priorities and ideologies work themselves out.

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  • 3 months ago

    The concepts represented by "better" and "competition" are meaningless without each other. 

    Situations that may be described, by any given individual, as "competition" do not necessarily result in anything that a given individual would describe as, "better".

    Describing something as, "better" follows a comparison of two or more things. It is an assessment, of some aspect of their qualities, and the desirability (or perhaps some other method of prioritization) of those qualities. 

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    • peter m
      Lv 6
      3 months agoReport

      p.s.  I admire t's open user history.. very important thing to do & appreciated. Wishing more would do the same.

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  • 3 months ago

    doubtful     .

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  • 3 months ago


    things can not get better if there is no competition


    for things to "get better" it would at the very least have to compete with it self.

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  • P
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    China's doing ok

    economically speaking

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    • P
      Lv 7
      3 months agoReport

      The Chinese are not competing with themselves, they're following orders, that's their culture.

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  • 3 months ago

    competition is a comparison

    And there are hundreds of ways to compare.

    Vanity is a comparison, the increase or decrease.

    capitalism is comparison

    The competition is not bad. The bad thing is not knowing that in one more way to compare.

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  • 3 months ago

    I guess that you encompass within the competition the wars, too. Naturally, world would be better without wars. And I guess that sport is wrong competition, too. (When somebody praise his success he also praise the failure and blame of the other side.)

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  • 3 months ago can push yourself more and more. Unless of course you would consider that competing with yourself.

    • All is in All
      Lv 5
      3 months agoReport

      I was thinking along those same lines about competition. Some of the greatest thinkers and doers in this world have lived by the adage of "compete with oneself, rather than with others." I am not really sure, however, how I can compete by myself. Further contemplation is recommended.

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