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Anonymous asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 month ago

My daughter has had multiple nightmares of me drowning?

I want to take my kids on vacation and I want to go on a dolphin watch, fishing, and multiple things that require us getting on boats but my daughter refuses to get on a boat cause of her nightmares. When we go to the beach she always tells me not to go too deep. I have taken swimming lessons and told her I will wear a life jacket so I wont drown. I keep telling her it will be ok but she is still hesitant. What else can I do so she can feel sure? She is 11

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    I think you have done a very good job at reassuring her that you won't be drowning. Fear is an expectation, and if you know how to change an expectation you know how to reduce fear, which you seem to be doing well with. Another thing is you may just try to get her to observe you swimming, and than assure there and then, that you are a mighty good swimmer (See: Observational Learning, a key factor in childhood development) :)

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