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Is a Chevrolet uplander 2008 a good car?

I've been looking to buy an affordable car from a dealer. I did see a Chevrolet uplander for $2450 and it only had 100,000 miles on it. 

Is that a normal deal? my mom said it seems too good to be true and there's probably something wrong with car. my sister was saying that its probably just a cheap brand. 

I kind of did like the car. And it seemed good for the price. I was wondering though are they good cars? is this deal fishy?  Should I check somewhere else?

have any of you owned a Chevrolet uplander? did it have lot of problems? was it reliable? thanks? 

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    I would say thats a pretty good deal. defiantly not too good to be true. 100k miles is also not terrible, as long as the transmission has been serviced. Everyone says that the transmission is the weak link in these kind of vehicles, but that is usually from lack of maintenance. Most people forget the transmission needs it's fluid and filter changed. Just inspect the fluid condition from the dipstick, and if its a clean, pinkish color, it is probably fine. Oh, and make sure to it shifts well in the test drive. Most 2008 outlanders for sale have between 150-250k miles on them, so i'm betting they are pretty reliable.

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    Those vehicles have a great rep. 

    There's a thirty year veteran of auto repair in Seattle by the name of Tom Turner who has a radio show on Saturday morning where he discusses the pros and cons of many vehicles.Tom says these vehicles, if maintained properly, are indestructible.

    If it's in good shape, grab it before it disappears!

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    I wouldnt buy a chevy with that many miles on it. Their trannys tend to go out at some point.

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    They have never made a anything good.

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    Do not buy any GM car over 10 years old.

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